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>> Monday, October 15, 2007

Alright, so here we are. Is this on? Testing, testing? One, two; one, two. Hello?

Live Spaces was just a damn problem. Nobody can comment except Live Spaces people. Which is understandable--after all, Microsoft's just trying to get everyone in the universe to join their party.

And that's sound business. From a certain point of view. From other points of view? Not so much. It doesn't really help Microsoft get a following if foolish people like myself who have this gotta blog thing going on end up abandoning Live Spaces in droves. Or trickles. Or tinkles. Whatever. You get the idea. After about a week on the site, here I am trying to join the blogger community on Blogger.

We'll see how that goes....

Anyway, this post is kind of a "hello" and kind of a trial balloon. I'll probably cut and paste one or two of the horrible entries from the Live Spaces page at some point. In the meantime, "hi."



Okay, then.

I'm just going to, you know, scurry off the edge of the stage, here. Thanks. Okay. You can turn this off, now. Is it off? No? What about now? Well I'm not going to stand up here all ni


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