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>> Sunday, October 28, 2007

I usually check out the Weekly World News once a week. WWN is the best tabloid ever, kind of like The Onion meets The X-Files. Unfortunately, ever since they canceled their print version, the online version seems mostly to hardly ever update, and recycles stories when it does. The promised that the online version would stay in existence, but I'm afraid that may have been wishful thinking on someone's part. It's kind of like when Modern Humorist's writers/editors realized they could make more money appearing on VH1 shows or writing for McSweeney's or whatever they're doing now, leaving the MH site haunting the web.

One of the refreshed stories up on WWN today is this account of a strange computer virus afflicting the terminal of one "Dave Bauman." Unfortunately, his friend "Hal Poole" subsequently discovered that the virus was in fact a computer allergy, resulting from Bauman's collection of rare and old books.

The story isn't that funny in and of itself, but the author gets small props for the movie reference. He might have gotten more props, though, if he'd written that Poole had said, "I can't do that Dave," when asked to fix the faulty machine. Or maybe that would have been too much.

Coincidentally, I watched 2001 again last night. I think it's still probably the best science-fiction film of all time, although I won't argue with anyone who says Blade Runner instead.


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