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>> Sunday, October 28, 2007

Normally on a Sunday, I'll go up the street for brunch at Boudreaux's and then spend the rest of the day at Smelly Cat drinking coffee. Problem is, I'm not totally sure I want to do that today. I kind of want to spend the day playing video games and trying to get Neverwinter Nights reinstalled on the Dell (it's still acting cranky, but I think I finally got the nVidia card working).

On the other hand, it is a beautiful day. I could have brunch on the patio and spend the rest of the day trying to reboot my vampire story. The vampire story has been sort of stalled: I wrote a whole bunch, realized it could actually be something substantive, and now I'd like to re-start it. But the juices aren't flowing the way they could be. I've barely been able to come up with any ficlets this week, even.

What to do, what to do?


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