Vey minor bummer.

>> Sunday, October 28, 2007

Decided to go out after all. Discovered that Boudreaux's wasn't seating anyone on the patio. The main point, really, wasn't that I was all that hungry for brunch, but I liked the idea of sitting outside with my coffee and The Coldest Winter. So I figured, "screw brunch," and went across the street to Smelly Cat and plugged in. Inside, not outside, but I can pretend I'm working, eat a muffin, get caffed up, etc.

I forgot that They Might Be Giants are in town tonight, playing across the street at The Neighborhood Theater. Hopefully, they'll be back. Hopefully, I'm not making a mistake: a few years ago, before I moved into the neighborhood, Múm came to town and played at the NT; I didn't go and they haven't been back and the original lineup splintered and doesn't appear likely to get back together.

Anyway, I'm just not sure I'm in the mood for a show tonight--which means I'm not in the mood to see a show tonight. Not even the Giants.


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