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>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pop Quiz--will count for 10% of your final grade

You're a Swedish man with a ne'er-do-well son-in-law. Your daughter is in the process of separating from him, but in the meantime she needs him to help with the kids. The asshole son-in-law, however, has different plans: he's making a trip to the United States and leaving your daughter to fend for herself. You decide to send an e-mail to the FBI, claiming the son-in-law has connections to al-Qaeda, a notorious terrorist organization. As you send it, you say to yourself something along the lines of, "I doubt the American authorities are so stupid they'll believe anything that they read in their e-mail...."

You are (check one):

□ Completely correct--Americans are way too smart to believe every crazy e-mail they get!


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