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>> Friday, November 23, 2007

Fantasy Flight Games has started their annual holiday sale. Just thought you might like to know. It's a good chance to grab some goodies for cheap, and the company has what appears to be their entire Midnight RPG line on sale. (This is a good deal, tho' disconcerting for anyone who might be concerned that Midnight is being completely supplanted by their ANIMA line--and while I like anime and RPGs and the idea of anime-based RPGs, and while it's obvious that Guardians Of Order's implosion left a BESM-shaped void in the gaming market--it's also hard not to feel a little wounded by the "WOTCiness" of ANIMA: "If you really want to enjoy our RPG, you should also buy the special minis and collectible card game, too! MWAH-HA-HA! Suckers!")

Anyway, Midnight is a great d20 fantasy setting. The premise can be summed up as "What if Sauron had won the War Of The Ring?" Of course all the places and names are changed, copyrights being what they are and all, but that's the soul of the game, down to hobbits ahem halflings being at the bottom of the food chain. (Literally: orcs sometimes eat them.) Gnomes, always underutilized in D&D type games, get to be the WWII French (la resistance, smugglers, or maybe collaborators) while the elves and dwarves face extinction and humans cringe under tyranny's yoke. It's fun stuff; I've never had a chance to run a campaign, but it'll almost certainly be the next fantasy game I run if I ever have the chance to get a group together.

But, anyway, if you're a gamer, you might hit the sale site and look around. While you won't see any flagship games up on the block--are you kidding?--five dollars for anything by Reiner Knizia is a bargain. You might see something you like. Go on. You know you want to....


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