I voted for the new clothes before I voted against them...

>> Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Today's McSweeney's features a leaked memo outlining the Emperor's strategies for dealing with recent allegations that his "new clothes" were, in fact, "no clothes" that's very much worth reading.

I would just like to go on record as saying that I think critics of the Emperor's clothing purchase miss the larger point that the Emperor needed new clothes, and the fact that his new clothes have not quite worked out quite as planned doesn't in any way mitigate the reality that the Emperor should have new clothes and so should the members of his court closest to him, and we should be trying to make sure that everyone in the Imperial Court indeed has the all of the new clothes they need. Arguments about whether the tailors could, in fact, have made the clothing are beside the point: we know they were working on clothes, but even if they weren't, the Emperor was morally obliged to get dressed in the morning.

I have to wonder at the mentality of the anti-clothing fanatics on the left who utterly hate clothing, which keeps you warm and is fashionable and stylish. They completely fail to recognize that clothing is vital, and good, and necessary. Or, as George Orwell said upon returning from Spain, "These socks my mum gave me kept my feet dry; other than that, the trip was rather horrible, but thank you for asking." Also, we should remind ourselves, Thomas Jefferson.

I would only note in closing that I'm fat and desperately need a drink, and also that anyone who disagrees with me is a cowardly apologist for fascism who ought to be ashamed of himself (or herself) right about now.


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