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>> Sunday, November 04, 2007


Last year, I was already behind by this point, though I did catch up. This year, I'm staying just ahead of goals.

Stewart Spalding, Our Hero, has just been kicked out of his band and thrown out of a hotel in England. The band seems set on finishing their tour without him, and keeping the band's name. The band is named The Stewart Spalding Situation; they don't seem to have a problem with lacking a Stewart Spalding. In fact, they fired Stewart and kept the junkie who always misses rehearsals and gigs.

There will, I think, be an injunction waiting for Stewart when he arrives back in the States. His former bandmates don't want Stewart competing with them or damaging their business, after all. Completely understandable.

Sometimes, when I'm trying to come up with names, I'll pull names from bands I like. Stewart is named after Stewart Copeland, who he bears no other resemblance to. (Well. He does get into a lot of fistfights with his bandmates. But the resemblance ends there. That's it.) The "Spalding" is random, but might come indirectly (via my subconscious) from the late, brilliant monologist Spalding Gray. Stewart Spalding bears even less resemblance to Spalding Gray than he does to Stewart Copeland.

The band's name comes largely from the fact that the name had to be "The Stewart Spalding _____," since the whole joke there is that Spalding gets fired from a band that's named after him and the band keeps using his name. This comes, I think I might have mentioned (or maybe not) from an old urban legend that two of the members of Ben Folds Five kept playing under that moniker after the band had broken up and Ben Folds himself had gone solo.

The Stewart Spalding Situation's drummer, Dave, is named after guitarist Dave Evans, better known as The Edge. He also bears zero resemblance to his namesake; although he's not described in the book, I sort of picture him as looking a bit like Max Weinberg, but much younger and minus the glasses. The rest of the names in the story thus far were more-or-less random, with no conscious inspiration.

I've run across folks saying they had trouble with names; I recommend the band trick, but try to mix it up. Having four main characters named Jimmy, Robert, John and Bonzo is just going to distract the reader.

Anyway, that's today's NaNoWriMo daily update.


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