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>> Monday, November 05, 2007


Still ahead of schedule. Flagged a little on the early bit of it, wasn't sure how to get traction. Ended up with Stewart getting hit by the process server while at the Sam Adams' Brewhouse at JFK airport.

This is where Google is your friend. I've never even been to JFK airport, but I know that they have (or recently had) a place called "Sam Adams' Brewhouse" at JFK, and that the Sam Adams' Brewhouse serves quesadillas. (Which are apparently okay, although they may have kitchen problems at the Sam Adams' that keep the overall experience down to only three-out-of-five stars--hey, I'm not the one who said it, okay?)

Not too long ago, someone wrote a commentary for a newspaper about the internet ruining writing--or his writing, at least--because the temptation to use Wikipedia instead of actually going somewhere and researching a novel was too great. This was met with a good bit of derision from some sectors of the internet, though perhaps for the wrong reasons. The problem isn't with using the internet for research, it's using the internet injudiciously for research. Certainly, if I had the time, money and inclination to go to Albania to research my epic historic novel, I wouldn't sit at home and use Wikipedia. (And if anyone out there wants to give me a staggering advance for my epic historic novel set in Albania, I'd be happy to drop everything and go to Albania as soon as possible, thank you.... Of course, I'll also have to come up with an epic historic novel set in Albania--I don't actually have an epic historic novel in the works or anything, but I've learned I'm not a proud man. It's not "all about the art" or anything. If you'd like me to write an Albanian epic for gobs of cash, I'd be happy to give it the "old college try," whatever the hell that means. And if you'd like me to mention some relative or pet of yours by name, just write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the envelope with the cashier's check for the gobstopping sum of cash.)

Anyway, the point I was making before I got sidetracked: for the purposes of a one-month speed novel, the internet is an excellent resource for finding out how long it takes to fly places and what restaurants one might be able to go to while waiting for connecting flights. Under the circumstances, the alternative is to just make something up--which is something I'm not opposed to. (It's probably part of the reason I usually end up writing fantasy and horror, frankly.) But, thanks to the internet, I have some semblance of verisimilitude (a word I was eventually able to spell correctly thanks to Firefox's built in spell-checker). Thanks, internet!


Wellsian,  Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 5:09:00 PM EST  

I'm going to break your comment cherry right here. PS I signed up for windows live just to leave a damn comment on your last blog, the comment didn't show my name, and then I scrolled up to find you'd already moved on. You are a fag.

Eric Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 7:34:00 PM EST  

Well howdy! Sorry to break it to you, though, but I've had previous comments--and from people I apparently don't know, including excellent advice about reinstalling Linux and a pointer to Trevor Tanner's webpage (something I will follow up on, I promise).

But welcome. Hope you'll visit more often, dude.

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