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>> Sunday, November 11, 2007


I think this actually brings me up to where I ought to be at the end of the day. Probably won't get much more done, because the caffeine in my coffee is catching up to me and making me a little jittery.

Had an excellent brunch at Boudreaux's--a shrimp and tasso omelet--then came over to Smelly Cat and got some solid work done (I hope). Some of it's kind of funny, at least (I hope).

It wasn't a great start, but when I got rolling, things came pretty smoothly. Our Hero has his new band, and they've had a good jam session. I just need to get him on the road now so that things can start going all wrong for him again.

After months of abnormally high temperatures, things are finally getting chilly around here. The widget in my KDE panel says it's 48°F out at the airport. It's about damn time, tho' it would have been nice to have a fall this year--it seems like we pretty much went from a raging summer to winter without anything in between.

I'm crossing the street to have a burger or something, and I'll be back tomorrow to say something clever. No, wait: I shouldn't promise that. The clever bit, I mean. I'll be back tomorrow. Clever, though? Mm. Maybe. Maybe not.


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