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>> Monday, November 12, 2007


Still ahead, but that's going to change tomorrow. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Tori Amos play, and won't be writing. So there won't be an update tomorrow. (Whether or not there will be a blog entry may depend on what time I get home; if I'm not out too late, I'll hopefully be able to throw up some kind of review/impression of the Tori show.)

The bad thing with NaNoWriMo, I'm finding, is that there's a certain level of writing just to be writing that may not be helping the actual story along. This, Bruce, is why we edit.

(I think Linus Roache should be hired to do an entire series of self-improvement tapes/CDs/podcasts in the voice of Thomas Wayne. I would totally buy those, and I hate those things. "And why do we invest in a stable-growth retirement funds, Bruce? That's right, Bruce--so we can continue to live on a stable income after we're no longer able to work." Those things would be awesome. I can only hope Mr. Roache continues to use his patient, fatherly voice for good. Can you imagine him as a serial killer: "And why does it rub the lotion on its skin, Bruce? That's right, Bruce--so it doesn't get the hose again.")

Anyway, the fact that I just went onto a tangential riff about what Linus Roache could be doing with the best dad-voice since Hugh Beaumont ruled the Cleaver household without ever letting on that he secretly wished his eldest would run away to enlist and his youngest would drink bleach again so he could start tapping Barbara Billingsley on the dining room table again (not that any good came of the last two times he'd done that, but how do you resist?)... the fact that I just went on two hugely unnecessary and run-on riffs only proves that it's time to play Neverwinter Nights for a little while and then go upstairs to watch Big O on DVD and then to bed, because tomorrow is a work day and I need my sleep so I can think normal thoughts until Tori takes the stage. Phwew!


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