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>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Still behind, thanks to the Tori show and this blog; I didn't write Cream And Bastards last night, but I did get to bed late doing my cruddy little review of the show. No regrets, just the reality that I've got a 604-word deficit at the end of day 14.

But that's not really that bad. Most days, I've had a 200-word surplus. I think (I hope) I can get 604 words caught up in a really good weekend. And while there will be some family time impinging on my writing--and family's more important, don't get me wrong--there will also be some vacation time I'm taking next week. Write! Write! (I imagine these last two words being shouted by Bela Lugosi in lieu of "Pull the strings!" in Glen Or Glenda.)

A bigger problem is closure. I can see this book being longer than 50,000 words when I'm done. I'll consider myself a winner even if the book is "incomplete" at 50k words at the month's end. The problem, though, is that I still don't really have an ending. Actually, that's only part of the problem. The other facet of the problem is that I've gotten so bogged down in the hero's domestic situation that I'm not quite sure how to get him back on the road (which is where all the good stuff ought to happen).

One temporary solution may be to "cheat" by simply having the character on the road and going back and writing anything that needs to fill the gap after November 30th. There's a good chance that that's exactly what I'll do, actually, but it's not quite satisfying.

Anyway, that's the daily update.


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