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>> Sunday, November 18, 2007


Shit. Well, this ain't good. I've written as much as I think I can do today, pulling the words like teeth, and I'm around 1,800 words behind. Still, I have time this week. I should be able to get things caught up, although I'm now about a day behind.

I'm still not sure I'm hitting the notes I want to hit. The idea was that this book would be kinda funny, and I'm afraid it's kinda not. Maybe it's something I should scale back after I hit 50,000--maybe it would be better as a novella.

Doubting the work is natural and inevitable. Part of the onsite risk when you're doing this. And it's something you should try to excise. The doubt doesn't help anybody in any way at all.

So, anyway, I'm a day behind. And that's where I'm going to have to leave it today. I just don't think I can throw anything else up there. And despite doing two ficlets and a couple of blog comments, you'll notice I'm slightly neglecting Giant Midgets today, with this one blog entry being my sum contribution to the online void.

Oh well, as the song goes, whatever, nevermind.


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