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>> Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'd hoped to get a full day or more ahead today, but that's all I can do right now. I have a conference to go to Wednesday, and I'd love to be done when I head up there. As things stand, the official account according to No Plot, No Problem is that I'm supposed to have 41, 675 words on the 25th and 43,342 on the 26th, so you can see where I am. About half a day ahead, basically, and 7,690 words away from the ending.

Our Hero had a number of revelations sitting on the john this evening. I really need to figure out how to stitch that up. I think I could probably finish what I have in 5,000 words--if necessary, I could potentially go back and add some character descriptions. (I don't think I have too much of that at this point, which is a weakness.)

This is a little dispiriting insofar as I've gone from, "Oh yeah, this could totally be more than 50,000 words!" to "Well, I can hit 50k if I pad out some earlier portions of the book." But, see, what I really need to do when I get to that point is rewrite it anyway.

I think I'm finally figuring out, as I get older, that the tricky part of writing is rewriting and editing. I'll need to sit down with a printout and a pen and probably some alcohol and go through things over the course of several nights and scratch, scratch, scratch.

But it's been a good month. I've felt like a writer this month. And that, frankly, has rocked. So it'll be a win, regardless.


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