Seventeen years isn't too long to wait....

>> Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Bloody Valentine is scheduled to go back into the studio next year, to record the follow-up to Loveless, the best album nobody's ever heard. (Actually, the friends and family who stop by here probably have heard Loveless, but I'm hoping a stranger drifts through.)

Of course, MBV was "going back into the studio" for about ten years before the pretense was dropped; still, this time it sounds like it's going to happen.

Courtesy of YouTube, the video for "Only Shallow" that introduced me to MBV back in the day, one late night on 120 Minutes (nostalgia!):

No, it's not that much visually, and it shouldn't be--but oh that sound, that epic, swooshing wall of sound. Come back, MBV! We've missed you!


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