Things I did when I should have been writing...

>> Saturday, November 03, 2007

  1. Got up, went out and got a pair of lamps and some other cools things from the new Home Depot Expo in town.
  2. Installed Neverwinter Nights.
  3. Made sure all the save files, including the defunct multiplayer game I had going with a buddy, were in place and ready to go and usable.
  4. Spent a bit of time trying to get sound to work. (Edit: in Neverwinter; sound worked fine everywhere else.) This part was actually sort of interesting, as it kind of involved learning something about the way Linux handles sound, and the differences between the OSS and ALSA sound drivers. Although what I mainly learned is that they're different. The solution ended up being to delete a path from the NWN launcher.
  5. Bored the entire internet with a blog entry about my uneventful day.
But that's it. I have some words to write, and I'll write 'em after dinner. Promise. And now, chili.


rbird Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 11:05:00 PM EDT  

i love this. don't know why. it's not because i get to soon see the lamps that you bought (but that is part of it). i think it's because i love "in words" or "what in writing" is what is not said. i think a list of what you were doing while you should have been writing is almost more interesting and meaningful. and this was, in fact, a writing.

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