Minor acts of piracy and teeth-gritting inconveniences....

>> Monday, December 03, 2007

I was going to drop a line to say "hey, being sick sucks, and why is it the day you want to leave work early is the day you get stuck all freakin' afternoon." Then I tried to get online, and discovered the internet is broken.

Or AT&T's internet is broken, at least. Which seems to be a commonplace problem for "the new AT&T," although at least this time the problem seems to be a "regional outage," and not just my DSL.

This is the problem with monopolies, or quasi-monopolies. Yes, I can do away with AT&T--if I'm willing to switch to TimeWarner and get a cell phone. This option is about as attractive as curing athlete's foot with a woodaxe, if you catch my drift. So, it seems I may be stuck.

I just cannot catch a break today, he whined.

So how am I posting this: a neighbor appears to have an unsecured wireless network and apparently doesn't use AT&T. Such are the petty acts of piracy to satiate my online addictions.

Anyway, that's all I'll say tonight. I think this is another evening of killing things in Neverwinter Nights, though I really should get into a writing groove: the real plan was to be printing things tonight and to start editing. Oh freaking well.


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