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>> Saturday, December 22, 2007

So, being an inveterate tweaker, I decided I needed a new template for my blog. Wanted. I wanted a new template. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old one.

I do this. On my Windows machines, I always end up installing WindowBlinds and other Stardock WinCustomize products. On this machine, a Dell laptop running Linux, I spend an inordinate amount of time on fonts and wallpapers, and even went so far as to get a skin from Tego to decorate the top. I just need my environment to be mine for some obscure psychological reason that probably isn't very flattering to my character if anyone ever got to the bottom of it.

Anyway, this is something I decided weeks ago. I did some googling and ended up finding this template, Emire, online. Simple, kinda classy--classier than the contents of the blog, probably, but whatever. If I had the talent to write my own template, I would: instead, I'll adapt this one. And tweak. And probably spend a lot of time whining, "Why doesn't mine look like that?"

So this is the current new look of Standing On The Shoulders Of Giant Midgets. For now. There's already stuff I don't like--the way hyperlinks aren't very obvious, for instance. There are things I'll need to add or replace. I wish this were a three column template, actually, but I couldn't find any I really, really liked.

Which means I need to sort through XML/CSS/HTML or whatever the hell all this gibberish is; like I have time for that, but whatever. I'll see what I can do--it may continue to look like this for awhile, or I may break it, or I may actually figure out what the hell I'm doing. If you have any comments or suggestions, meanwhile, I certainly could use the edumacation and enlighteneleling.

If you don't have any advice, I hope you at least like the look.


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