The last freaking straw

>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am finished with AT&T. They can bite my ass.

Service is spotty and customer service is nigh unattainable. For eight years or more, I had flawless service with BellSouth. AT&T buys BellSouth, and suddenly I'm having some kind of outage about every two months.

This morning I discovered no dial tone emanating from my phone. Internet works fine. The phone, not so much. My first thought was that it had something to do with my cordless phone, but an old-fashioned corded phone doesn't work either. Then I thought it might be something with the DSL, but if it is, it's something outside the house: taking down the wireless and plugging a cordless phone directly into the wall gets you plenty'o'nothin'. I can't call them to complain because the phone doesn't work, and the nearest thing I can get to online help is a suggestion that I search for a box of wires which may-or-may-not be outside the building or inside a pantry (thanks for narrowing it down!) and mess with it.

Assholes. This is what I'm paying for every month?

What makes the whole thing onerous this weekend is that I have an aunt in town who I hardly ever see, and this bullshit has unduly complicated seeing her while she's around. I might not have even noticed I don't have phone service if I hadn't tried to call her this morning and--oh look, no line out. The theory behind having phone service is that it works when needed, you know? It doesn't make much sense to even have it if you basically have to roll a die every time you pick up the handset.

We'll see if the phone comes back online this weekend; if it doesn't, I'm calling AT&T customer service--after I call TimeWarner about installing digital phone service and RoadRunner. I really don't like TimeWarner--one of the disincentives for getting cable when I moved was TimeWarner's byzantine and invisible billing system, where you receive a mystery bill every month that doesn't ever tell you what you're paying for. Doesn't matter: they're now officially the lesser of two evils.

Another aunt I saw today told me that the only problem with digital phone service is that it doesn't work if the power goes out. Know what? I need a new PDA and I'm done with AT&T: maybe I should even get a cell phone. Yes, that will be a sign of the apocalypse. No, I don't much care. I'm so through with AT&T I'll precipitate Armageddon if I have to. They're useless, stinking bastards and they can eat shit and die. Now do you want to know how I really feel about them?


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