The littlest terrorist

>> Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I realize that these stories are on the verge of becoming commonplace, but a Seattle TV station is reporting that a five year-old child was delayed in boarding a plane at the Seattle airport because his name matched one on the "Do Not Fly" list. The irony is that that isn't even the most offensive part of the story: the most offensive part of the story is that when the boy's mother tried to comfort and reassure him and give him a hug, she was apparently told she couldn't do that because her son was a security risk.

See, part of the problem with these kinds of blanket, paranoid security measures is that they will be enforced by complete and utter idiots who have no common sense. There are other problems, sure: things like deprivation of civil liberties, the false sense of security created, the waste of money and effort on quixotic and ineffectual "preventative" strategies... but idiocy may have to be the number one entry at the top of the list.

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