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>> Sunday, February 03, 2008

The legendary Kevin Kelly has a blog post up this week in which he points out that there are at least eight things that are better than free that could solve the "internet problem" many industries (e.g. the software industry) are having. Since I babbled about the music industry this week, it seemed appropriate to throw a link up here.

I think Kelly's points are dead on: of course you can compete with free--you just have to offer something better than free. Yeah, if you try to sell a song or video file that's identical to one up on a free P2P site, you're going to have trouble making the sale. You need to offer something more, and Kelly suggests eight possibilities.

Incidentally, Kelly's sixth suggestion, "embodiment," was what I suggested in the second part of my blather: give away the songs, charge more for the live performances.

Anyway, go read it, he has some solid points.


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