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>> Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here's a funny little thing that's been bugging me, something you may not have noticed. Or, if you did notice it, you thought I was an idiot and you were annoyed by it when reading longer posts.

See, if you've been reading this blog in Internet Explorer, you haven't been seeing this blog the way I usually see it. I know this not because I'm psychic, but because I occasionally glance at my blog from work, where they use IE, or I sometimes even use IE as a secondary browser on the Windows machine at home, because I tend to have lots of Firefox tabs open between sessions and I don't always want to load them all up when I'm just popping in to check the weather and see if anyone visited Giant Midgets. And whenever I happen to visit this site in IE, I notice all the paragraphs are run together. Which, I admit is pretty irritating.

But it's not how things look on Firefox. On Firefox, Giant Midgets looks the way it's supposed to. Why is that?

The short answer, naturally, is that I'm a newb and I don't really know what I'm doing. The longer answer is that it turns out the template I'm using, Emire, is an XHTML document. For those of you who aren't total nerds, we can simply leave it at this: that there are several ways to code a webpage, with HTML being the most common and XHTML being somewhat less common (but regarded as technically superior in some circles). Internet Explorer, as it happens, doesn't care for XHTML at all.

Oh my.

Now there are a few things I can do. One, I could switch templates. This will probably happen eventually, because I plan on redecorating every six to twelve months (I may change my mind about this). In the meantime, I spent too much time screwing around with Emire, and I like the classy gray look. Two, I could figure out how to convert the XHTML portions of the Emire template to standard old HTML, dropping anything that didn't translate. The problem with that is that I'm a newb, and while I would eventually like to figure such things out, the truth is that I don't have the free time or the energy to take on one more project. (Incidentally, while I'm not going to turn down a free tutorial if someone offers, I'm not asking for a tutorial and you won't find me much of a student right now. Sorry, but thank you.)

The third option is to manually add "p" tags to my paragraphs. This method is lazy and inefficient and irritating, but it's also a bit simpler than learning an internet markup language at the moment. So that's what we'll be doing for the nonce. I hope this is easier to read, I hope that some of you forgive me if earlier entries were hard to read, and I hope that everyone converts to a real browser in the near future. In the meanwhile, I hope those of you using that crappy other browser enjoy the newish, more legible version of SOTSOGM. Thanks. Hope you come back soon!


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