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>> Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday. Responded to a few comments over here--thanks, everyone, for reading and replying. Noodled around a bit, not really doing anything. I was sort of expecting a friend to call about needing some help moving, but by 3:30 or so I hadn't heard from him. So I ambled on down to the Smelly Cat.

The place is full. It's a beautiful day, sunny and 65°, but windy. Strong gusts like to blow you down. If you look out the window, there's an illusion that it might be a lovely day to sit outside in the sun; but if you actually attempted it, you would have trouble hearing your friends converse or your book would rattle and thrash in your hands like a little bird you'd caught trying to flutter free.

My friend, with elegant timing, called as I sat down with my latte and waited for the laptop to come online. It's alright, though: he's still in Columbia and it will be another hour-or-so before he's back in town. Coincidentally, the battery on this power-hungry desktop replacement lasts a little more than an hour. He suggests meeting him at his place, I suggest he gives me a call. I have this fantasy that I might get a few paragraphs done. Plus, I have a blog entry to write. You're reading it.

I will work, or pretend to work, for a little while. I don't know what will happen. Nobody ever does.


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