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>> Sunday, March 02, 2008

My all-time favorite guitar player, David Gilmour, has spent a good bit of his time over the past few years helping a charity called Crisis, which tries to provide housing for the homeless in England. Gilmour's efforts, in addition to fundraising, have included selling a London mansion he owned for around seven million dollars and donating the proceeds to the organization. Today, The Observer reports that Crisis is being blocked by bureaucracy and nimbys (unsurprisingly, it turns out we Americans aren't the only ones to have such folks in our midst).

Probably not news that's of interest to anyone else, but part of this whole blogging thing for me is sharing things that are interesting to me, so here we go.


Right is Right Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 12:31:00 PM EST  

You, my liberal friend, must have some of the best taste in music I've seen come across a blog.

I'm assuming you have an appreciation for RUSH? NO?

Eric Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 1:17:00 PM EST  

Thank you. It's possible, though, that my tastes are so broad as to be nonexistent--I'll listen to nearly anything.

I appreciate Rush, but I'm not really a fan: Geddy Lee is an extremely talented bassist and Neal Peart is obviously one of the best drummers out there. But I'm afraid their music has never done much for me. They're not alone in that: I appreciate Hendrix in much the same way (I recognize he was an extraordinary guitarist, but still don't own any Hendrix albums and they don't really trigger anything for me). Hell, I generally feel the same way about classical music as an entire genre--I spent years trying to cultivate a taste for it before realizing that I could recognize awesomeness in it without being transported the way I am listening to Wish You Were Here or Bitches' Brew.

(Bitches' Brew, incidentally, is the album that opened my ears to jazz. For an embarrassingly long time, I didn't get jazz at all. I tried, but it didn't do anything for me. Not even Coltrane, to be honest. Then, on a whim, I got a deal from Columbia House on the 4-disc reissue of Brew, figuring if I didn't like it, it would still look good on the shelf, and anyway the box wasn't much more expensive than the regular release at retail. It was about two minutes into "Pharoah's Dance" that I said--aloud, I think, though no one else was there--"Holy shit... so that's jazz?" That happens sometimes, that sort of road to Damascus moment, if you'll forgive the metaphor.)

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