A strangely perfect moment

>> Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm out here on the National Whitewater Park trails again. Like I said not to long ago, I need to do this more often.

It's a beautiful day. The sky is brilliant blue; a cliché, I know, but how many ways are there to say that without sounding like you're trying way too hard? The sky is brilliant blue and it's something like 60 F°.

Out on the south trail, where I'm walking again more by impulse than choice, there's a place where many things have met. The trail opens onto an easement owned by the power company; silver-white towers march in threes from the southeast into the northwest, trailing streamers from hand-to-hand. Interstate 85 ushers multitudes a few hundred yards away. I'm sitting on rocks that were gathered and planted in the orange dirt here, the woods at my back, a fat, shapeless man writing this on my smartphone. Behind me, a squat, fenced-in outpost of the natural gas company. Occasionally a plane takes off from Charlotte-Douglas to the near north; moments ago, a hawk circled 'neath a launching plane angling up into the northwest. I'm not far from the Catawba River: it's invisible from here, but if I walked down to that other, greater river, the black one dragging steel traffic on its two major currents, the river would be obvious to the left.

It's a kind of perfect moment, on a perfect kind of day, in a place that is strangely perfect: somehow even the hideous metal towers and the crumbling black asphalt river are still... perfect. An environment of things that grew up near each other, from radically different seeds.

I wrote this on the trail and then came home and transferred it to the computer to upload. I could have mailed it from the trail, but since I wouldn't really be able to edit formatting, it wasn't worth the bother. Also, I had some photos taken with the cell phone I wanted to share. Nothing special (my phone only has a 1.3 megapixel lens, it's not like it takes good pictures or anything... maybe I should get a camera).

Unfortunately, after fiddling with things for a bit, I'm not happy with my formatting options for the pictures, so I'm not putting them up. Sorry. They weren't nearly as cool when I looked at them at home anyway. Low-res pictures of a perfect moment? Meh. And I'm not really happy with what I wrote about the perfect moment, but it' s my entry for today. Now I'm pouring a glass of wine and settling down with some T.C. Boyle for a little bit.


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