Well, damn

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

For several months now, I've had this silly little project or game I was playing. See, on a big hard drive, I have all my digital music. It isn't really all my music--there are quite a few CD tracks that haven't been ripped to MP3, and I have some vinyl and cassette; on the other hand, there are quite a few ROIOs/concert bootlegs that have no physical existence. Anyway, it's 14,797 items, or 46 days, 58 minutes and three seconds worth of material (according to Winamp--all these tracks are accessed through a Windows machine for no real reason other than it's what I have plugged in).

Anyway, the game was to play every track. See, between some of the concert bootlegs and a slew of tracks ripped from the CDs I got when I used to subscribe to CMJ New Music Monthly years ago, one of the perverse things about my MP3/FLAC/SHN collection was that I hadn't actually listened to all of it.

Until tonight, that is.

Well, damn.

Months of digging through the "never played" tab for albums I'd never played in Winamp, months of shuffled playlists from the "never played" list, Saturdays of eight-hour marathons, evenings of four and five hour sessions, and now....

No new worlds to conquer.

Eh, fuck weeping. I'm listening to Indie Pop Rocks on SomaFM. I need to catch some new stuff to go buy.


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