More evidence that duct tape can do anything...

>> Monday, April 21, 2008

The year was 1972. December, 1972; I was eleven months old and there were men on the moon. Astronauts from the lunar lander Challenger had landed on the edge of the poetically-named Sea Of Serenity, and were getting ready for a drive. And that's when it happened--a minor disaster with the potential to jeopardize their entire mission. Astronaut Gene Cernan bumped the mission's Lunar Rover, damaging the vehicle's right-rear fender and exposing the buggy to excessive contamination by the fine grit of moondust.

The solution? First, a repair of the fender with duct tape. And when that fell off, they made a new fender out of duct tape and some laminated maps. (In my mind, I like to think they were AAA maps.)

Duct tape. Someday, physicists will discover that the missing field that baffled Einstein, the mysterious force that binds the universe together, is duct tape.

A full account is worth looking at here.


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