Not really a Friday night movie

>> Friday, April 18, 2008

This afternoon I discovered something utterly perfect. I doubt I was the first person to discover this perfect thing, but no matter. A perfect thing is a perfect thing is a perfect thing.

Top down, 84° weather, Beauty And The Beat cranked up on the stereo.

It's possible that album should have Play In Convertibles printed right on the cover. Ye gods.

Related note to self: when you go to the PD conference at Wrightsville Beach, make sure you have some Dick Dale with you.

Oh, by the way (an administrative note): there is a short I have in mind to present for a Friday Night Movie if it's still available on AtomFilms, but I'm finding it's sometimes hard to think of movies to show. I thought I'd do a sort of thing with a short every Friday, but now I'm thinking, nope. Not gonna work. I also don't want to do a full blog entry every Friday, though--I want to post every day, but not necessarily spend much time on Friday nights with it. My cake, eat it too, you know. So I'm thinking maybe sometimes I'll put up a music video or concert bit instead of a movie? I know, I'm not sure the dozen-or-so of you who drop by regularly at this point actually care what I put up here on Fridays, but still.

So anyway, this is kind of the inaugural of Not really a Friday night movie, which might or might not become some sort of feature, maybe. Just in case you care to know.


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