RIP Danny Federici

>> Friday, April 18, 2008

In the wake of the cool news yesterday about The Boss' endorsement of Barack Obama comes sad word on NPR this morning that original E Street Band member Danny Federici has died. Federici, who'd worked with Springsteen since 1969, had to take a leave of absence beginning late last year to try to deal with melanoma, which he'd been fighting for several years. Subsequently, he did appear irregularly in shows on Springsteen's current tour as his health permitted.

Federici was a skilled organist and accordianist (among other instruments).

This is one of those news items that's a hell of a bummer even if it wasn't wholly unexpected. Mr. Federici will be missed not just by his family, but millions of us fans. My best wishes and thoughts to his family and friends.

(Photo from Rolling Stone)


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