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>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So, I voted in the Democrat's primary this evening, for Barack Obama. The press is saying he's projected to win here, so that's awesome. Of course, if you watched the Daily Show clip I posted yesterday (I'd link it, but I mean it's right underneath this post, you lazy bums), you know that what I did wasn't really essential to the process, at least not according to Senator Clinton. But that's okay, you know.

And I suppose that Senator Clinton could accuse me of hijacking the Dems' primary, since I'm an independent. But you know what, Hill? Obama gets elected and does a good job, I might think about joining your silly little party. I mean, I'm not promising anything, but your party is the one I pretty much always vote for and I've given some of your candidates money over the years; in fact, the only Republican I've ever voted for and contributed to was a friend who was running for judge. (And, given the friendship, I would have crossed party lines for that vote; I'm sure you'll understand--it's kind of like how you're friends with Richard Mellon Scaife, even though he played a direct role in your husband's impeachment and claimed you murdered your friend Vince Foster.... Oh. Wait. It's nothing like that at all. I never publicly accused my friend of murder and tried to get her husband fired. I just voted for her and bought tickets to a barbecue fundraiser that I never actually went to. Huh. Well. Never mind then.)

So, anyway. I stopped by the polls on my way home: my polling center is literally blocks from my condo, which is convenient. Voted for Senator Obama, and hopefully helped finalize what needs to happen. There were other elections going on that I abstained from as I was voting: I regret that I have to confess I have no idea who is the best candidate for State Auditor. I voted in the gubernatorial primary because a colleague pointed out one of the nominees is currently State Treasurer and we apparently have the second-best retirement system in the country; apparently, he's doing a good job and my state retirement is secure. Not that it matters: I sort of expect to go out like a character in a bad cop movie--on the day I'm set to retire, I'll somehow manage to get shot. That's going to suck. Alright, so what very well may be my sister's money is apparently in good hands. Yay for her. And if I don't get shot on the day I'm supposed to retire, I may be okay, too.


vince Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 8:16:00 AM EDT  

I sort of expect to go out like a character in a bad cop movie--on the day I'm set to retire, I'll somehow manage to get shot.

Or you could be killed by a coconut.

Eric Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 9:17:00 PM EDT  

That song is awesome! Shel Silverstein was the man: while most people think of him as a children's book author, his work for Playboy (including the material that became Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book) and songs like "A Boy Named Sue" were also a part of his broad range. I hadn't heard this one: thank you thank you thank you!

And yes, I could indeed be killed by a... pineapple.

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