Lazy Sunday

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today is going to be a lazy Sunday of just kinda hangin' out at home. It's raining off and on, with storms expected in the evening. If friends call, I might hang out with them or I might not; for the moment I think I'll play some videogames and put off writing a little. (I feel justified: I'll be at a conference at the beach this week and expect to have some quality time then.)

Anyway, in lieu of a blog post, here's a live performance of Iron And Wine's and Calexico's "He Lays In The Reins," a gorgeous song from their 2005 collaboration In The Reins.

Iron And Wine and Calexico are two bands whose independent work I'm not familiar with; I heard one of the songs from In The Reins on SomaFM and had to have the album, which is either a short LP or a long EP depending on how you look at it. (At approximately half-an-hour in length, Reins is about the length of '60s vinyl--e.g. early Beatles albums--but about 20 minutes shorter than '80s vinyl and half the length of a typical CD. Some would argue--and while I'm not sure I agree, I can see the merit of the case--that vinyl was the "right" length for albums and the 72-minute capacity of compact disc led to bloat, with bands either declining to edit out material that would have better been left to b-sides or straining to fill out a "short" album with inessential and second-rate work. But, once again, I digress.) Anyway, "He Lays In The Reins" is a beautiful song and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, buy the CD: it's a beautiful piece of work. And have a good Sunday (or whatever day it is when you read this!).


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