What I'm going to do today...

>> Friday, July 04, 2008

...is be offline for awhile.

There was a blogging plan today, kind of: in the back of my mind I thought about writing something appropriate to the day. Maybe something about patriotism, and the irony in the fact that patriotism in a country founded by insurgents and traitors is now popularly equated with unquestioning obedience. Something along those lines. There's an old trope that shows up regularly in science-fiction, the alternate-history trope; I thought about doing a blog entry from the point of view of a loyal British subject in the American colonies, ca. July 4, 2008. But doing so would sort of involve some research and work to even attempt to be half as good as some of the other attempts that have been made along those lines. I mean, really, it's kind of a cliché--it just seems an appropriate subject.

But that's not what I'm going to do today. No, I realized that what I really want to do today is go ahead and upgrade my main machine, the Dell laptop, to Hardy Heron with KDE 4. I wasn't going to do this until October, when Kubuntu 8.10 comes out, but I've decided I need to do it early.

Here's why: when I last did a partition and install, I made my root drive very, very small and (in retrospect, foolishly) left the usr drive in the root. Right, that only made sense to a few of you. The short version is: I thought I was being efficient, but instead I didn't leave myself any growing room. So I'm going to set everything up anew.

The bad news is that since I'm repartitioning the hard drive, I'm going to have to copy my home folder to a separate hard drive as a backup--I was hoping to be able to do all future upgrades without messing with the home folder. But hey, it's a day off.

So, I'll be offline for a bit. Upgrading. Making things pretty. Have a good Fourth Of July!


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