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>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Amazon sidebars are nice, but they seem to take freaking forever to load. So we're going back to the boring, text only lists--tho' they still use the Amazon links, so if you see something there you're interested in, etc., I'll get a penny if your purchase was channeled through the sidebar. I still figure if I'm going to include a link to an Amazon page, I might as well have a shot at getting something for it.

'Tho that was also another reason for going back to the old format: I realized when I got to the point of switching over the movies bar that there still should be IMDB links in there to things that I've seen--amazingly enough--in the movie theater with ten bucks' worth of soda and popcorn (funny how you'd think that would be more soda and popcorn than it really is). And there was even a similar problem in the recently read books section, since one of the books I finished not-that-long-ago has only been published online. What of those works?

So the old format works better. I just wish it wasn't so drab, but what'cha gonna do?


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