What I'm not doing this weekend, part one

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008

What I'm not doing this weekend is driving to Atlanta for AWA, which is a damn shame. Not because I'm a big anime fan--though, actually, being an animation geek and a science fiction and fantasy geek, there's quite a lot of anime I like a great deal--Cowboy Bebop ranks up there with any SF television series as far as I'm concerned, and I love Satoshi Kon's work, and I really could go on and on. Nor is missing AWA a bummer because I usually go--I've never actually been.

No, the reason it's a bummer is that my buddy Nate premiered his short films "Altar" and "Antibody" last night, the latter being the movie I worked on a few weeks ago. This is something of a departure from plan: "Antibody"'s original raison d'être was a horror festival planned for next month in Charlotte featuring George Romero's work, presence, and a short film contest to be judged by Mr. Romero; much to everyone's consternation, Mr. Romero abruptly pulled out when his next project was greenlit. Mr. Romero's withdrawal, forgive me for putting it bluntly, totally fucked everything up and left quite a few indie filmmakers who'd invested time, money and effort into meeting the contest deadline high and dry. Nate's had a streak of luck, however: he's been able to set up two screenings of "Antibody" and the film he made just before/during "Antibody," one yesterday at AWA and the other next month.

So, why am I not in Atlanta? Because gas is too fucking expensive right now, is why. If premium were still around $3.50/gallon, I probably would be down there. But not only is gas pricey--it's not always to be found. North Carolina, it seems, gets a good bit of its petrol from the Gulf (how this works, I have no idea, but this is the word that has gone around), and at least two gas stations were rationing fuel last week.

I should clarify one thing: today was a beautiful Saturday, and it was good to be home and I was a little productive. (Well, sort of.) Point being, it was a good Saturday, and while Atlanta would have been--what's the expression? ah, yes--while Atlanta would have been fucking sweet, I've had a good day and I'm having a good weekend.

Not really having a blog entry for today, I decided hours ago to post some more photographs from the "Antibody" shoot in honor of the premiere. A portion of today's productivity was culling photographs from the shoot (deleting some of the worst ones) and trying out a film-grain script for GIMP (I wasn't happy with the results or the time it took; I may play with it some more, but in the end I've stuck with the manual "grain" techniques I've learned). Some of the results appear below, with more to come tomorrow.

From the set and behind-the-scenes of Nathan Bezner's "Antibody":


Jeri Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 1:12:00 AM EDT  

That sounds like it *would* have been a fun trek. No trains or carpools? No that the little green jelly bean would have fit many for carpooling purposes, but still, the principle applies...

Eric Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 1:20:00 AM EDT  

Nate went down on Thursday, so carpooling wasn't an option. Trains didn't occur to me, but probably wouldn't have been in the budget for the remainder of the month, either.

If gas was cheaper, the little green machine was totally made for roadtrips, but oh well....

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