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>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Now this just seems impossible. One of my very, very favorite bands, though it seems I haven't mentioned them much, is Iceland's Sigur Rós. And I would have thought I've already featured at least one song and/or video and/or performance by the band... and I haven't.

This ends tonight. Tonight's long-overdue Sigur Rós track is... well, actually it doesn't formally have a name. Or sometimes it does: from Sigur Rós' 2002 masterpiece (and I don't use that word lightly), ( ) (yes, the album's title is a closed set of parenthesis or brackets) comes the album's untitled first track, sometimes referred to as "Vaka" after the drummer's daughter. The song, so you know, is sung in "Vonlenska" or "Hopelandic," a language-like tongue in which the lyrics mean what you want them to. The video itself is a haunting post-apocalyptic vision that always makes me think of Ray Bradbury's tragic "All Summer In A Day".


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