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>> Saturday, October 18, 2008

There was much rejoicing when the trailer for Watchmen, Zach Snyder's upcoming adaptation of the classic graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It looked... it looked really good, like maybe Snyder was going to get it right: there was Dr. Manhattan's Martian palace, and Nite Owl's levitating plane looking like it had come off the page, and The Comedian looking like an unmitigated psycho. You could see frames of the original graphic novel given breath on the screen, and it was looking kickass.

And it's looking better. Oh, jeez, it's looking better by the minute. There was a press preview on back on October 2nd that I just read, finally, this week, and the quotes from Snyder are stunning. I mean, the reporter says the footage he saw was good, too, but how do I know what he knows from comics. What I know is I like the sound of:

[Zach] Snyder, who directed 300, said the movie was originally slated to be set in modern times and explained how he slowly persuaded studio Warner Bros. to stay true to the graphic novel’s alternate 1985 setting, where Richard Nixon remains president and outlaws superheroes.

"I was like, 'What if we just set it back a little further, like 1990?'" said Snyder. "And then we just said that 1985 is cooler because then it would be more of a period movie. That was how, for me anyway, I got as much of the graphic novel back in."

But the real money quote, the thing I don't know if I've heard a director say in years, is:

Snyder was also adamant that since no more Watchmen source material exists from the graphic novel, a sequel or prequel to his Watchman—currently clocking in at a beefy 2-hour-and-43-minute running time—could never be created. At least not one he’d direct.

"There can’t be a sequel," said Snyder when asked about rumored sequel clauses in actors' contracts. "There won’t be prequel. Not with me involved in it, anyway. They might be able to find someone to do it, but it won’t be me. That’s crazy talk."

The sequel is "crazy talk"? He's going to do the one film, with as much as he can pack into it, as faithful as he can be to the source material, and then just walk away?



Mr. Snyder, you might just be Watchmen's seventh superhero. Just sayin'. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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