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>> Monday, November 03, 2008

5,231 / 50,000
Words Completed

Mixed feelings about how things are going, still. Another vignette or two, but still not sure how to tie some of these things together.

One major realization that came this evening on the drive home from work is that I was wrong about one of my major plot notions. I'm reluctant to say too much about the story, but I'll say this much: that my sense that the protagonist needed to be running away was inadequate--he did need to go back home, first, but before the story.

Where this leads--and this may salvage the sporadic writing I'm doing--is that there need to be certain flashbacks woven into the main plot. The character is in flight now, but the reason for his flight needs to wind in and out of his chapters in the story.

I also keep getting sidetracked into more research than I really intended to do. One reason this is frankly perverse is that I'm researching things just to change them. For instance, I decided upon a unit for my protagonist--he's in the military, during wartime--only to decide that his historic unit would be pulled back to the capitol instead of participating in all the major actions they were really involved in during the real wartime history I was referencing; i.e. I spent a bit of time investigating real history so I could immediately change it, meaning I really could have just made the whole thing up--I mean, if the later history of this character's unit is different from the real history, then the initial history might just as well be different. See?


Jeri Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 6:51:00 PM EST  

I have a love/hate relationship with how obsessed I get with my fictional world during NaNoWriMo. During any quiet time, I'm thinking about it... during slow audio conferences at work, I'm researching it... and I chatter on about it way too much w/ my family.

I do end up having lots of great ideas during non-writing time, like driving or insomnia or cooking or whatever. It seems like my focus on the story, combined with the background material I'm ingesting in research, helps drive the new ideas.

Sure, I end up redirecting things sometimes - and who's to say for better or worse until the story plays out - but I think that's part of the creative process. I do know that much of the time the great ideas I have end up being more solid writing than the original pedestrian plan I'm deviating from.

And, I keep reminding myself... shitty first drafts. It's supposed to suck. If I don't fall down I'm not taking risks. :D

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