Another reason to like the Obamas (and maybe the Bushes, too)

>> Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's slightly old news--from just before Thanksgiving--but Salon notes two crucial pieces of vital information about the changing of the guard in Washington come January:

  1. Jenna and Barbara Bush have shown Malia and Sasha Obama the cool stuff in the White House, like how awesome it is to take a running jump into some of the beds and how you can slide down the solarium ramp, and;

  2. Michelle Obama has already instructed White House staff that they aren't to make Malia's and Sasha's beds, since that's a part of their chores.

While I normally don't much care what the personal lives of the First Family are like, I have to say both filler items (can you call them news?) are a little heartening. There's something cool about the mental image of the Bush twins showing the Obama girls which historic bed has the awesomest bouncing potential and something cool about Mrs. Obama trying to keep some sense of normalcy in the family's routine.

Not bad at all.


Janiece Murphy Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 1:15:00 PM EST  

I thought it was kind of the Bush's to have their daughters available to make the Obama girls feel more at home.

Just another example of how, even though I think he was a crappy president, that doesn't necessarily translate into him being a crappy friend/husband/father.

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