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>> Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bad: Discovering that the Winamp database files on the computer you use as a media server have been corrupted somehow1 and the only way to keep Winamp from crashing on startup is by deleting the two Media Library database files so the program can regenerate new ones on next startup.

The Ugly: You have a whole bunch of Shorten and FLAC files obtained when the Neptune Pink Floyd tracker was still online representing three decades of classic Pink Floyd concert ROIOs from the mid-1960s to the band's final performance at Live8, and neither format carries metadata--meaning you have to go in and manually update the artist, song title, track number, and year of hundreds of files, many of which have nearly identical names ("Okay, so that's the 'Us And Them' from Wembley '72 and that's the 'Us And Them' from the third night at Earl's Court in '94... got it...").

The Good: Now that every song you own in digital format (all of them legal except possibly the three-decade-old live concerts, thank you very much RIAA watchdogs) is technically "Never Played" according to Winamp, you have an excuse to listen to 15,000 songs all over again.

1And by "somehow" I mean that it probably happened one of the several times I was recently forced to do a hard reboot because of some malware/spyware/virus/bad registry issues I've recently had on the Windows machine.

And by "malware/spyware/virus/bad registry issues" I mean that if I could find a decent SHN plug-in for Amarok--which is something I may need to research this weekend--I think this machine might be in for formatting because I really hate Windows. Except, of course, it's kind of nice to have a Windows machine around for various reasons. Except, of course (taking exception to the exception), Windows has a way of raising my blood pressure to the point that I was recently lucky I didn't actually break, I mean literally, physically break the Gateway laptop running Windows that I use for media, because last weekend I found myself in such blind rage at the software that I slammed the lid down with enough force that I suddenly was afraid I was going to open it back up and have mercury rolling around everywhere. And I am not a particularly violent person, nor do I think I'm a particularly angry person. But the laptop almost shared the fate of the machines in this video Vince recently shared, and yes, I live on the third and fourth floors of a townhome, so I can make it happen, yes I can.


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