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>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

After trying the solutions Shawn and others suggested (thank you, zoot and Mnemonic, for taking the time to advise a stranger on the interwebs, and thank you yet again, Shawn, for being awesome) for solving the issues I'm having with KDM and KDE on startup, I've hit a wall and I'm taking it as a sign.

It's been no secret I've been unhappy with KDE4. I just can't quite like the Plasma interface, sorry. This obviously isn't a knock on Linux, either, for those of you who are running PCs and Macs: the beautiful thing about Linux is choice, and the fact that I can choose from literally dozens of graphical user interfaces as opposed to having to use the trade dress selected by Apple and Microsoft to protect their intellectual property is a good thing. The folks at KDE made some major decisions to change the way the interface would work, some of those choices are actually pretty great and some of them, enh, not so much; overall, those choices aren't for me. But that still leaves me with dozens of options.

(There are a lot of things that go into the interfaces Apple and Microsoft give you. Some of them are good things, based on research on how people use computers or would like to. Some of them are middling things, based on habits and traditions. But there are other things that are based purely on business. Neither Apple nor Microsoft are in a position to secure patents on windows-based interfaces, a virtual "desktop," a mouse-driven interface, etc., but they can secure trademarks on the way these things look, and that's what they can sell and keep other people from selling. This is why neither company can afford to allow too much by way of customization--if Apple's or Microsoft's look becomes generic, they might be finished.)

So I'm dropping the K from my -buntu, and I'm going to install Ubuntu on the Linux partition. Which is what I'm likely to be doing the rest of this cold, wet Sunday afternoon. (Hm... and maybe drinking some hot chocolate.)

Meanwhile, since I'm moving to GNOME, have a song about a gnome set to some old home movie footage of the Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, performers of this little tune from their first album, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn:


Shawn Powers Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 3:43:00 PM EDT  

I prefer Gnome, like you having nothing against KDE. I like the choice, and it just works for me.

I do get rid of the dual task bars though, because it seems to waste space, and screen real estate makes me happy.

Again, just my choice, which I can thankfully make. ;)

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