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>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I try to stay a day or two ahead on Giant Midgets when I can--it just works out better that way, albeit sometimes at the expense of being as "fresh" as I might like to be in principle. Having an entry a day is important to me, as I've said before, tho' I'm quite aware that there are those who say you shouldn't bother if you've nothing to say.

Yeah. Well. Whatever.

Part of the problem is I'm sort of avoiding a subject a little: I'm not quite spent on That Subject Which Has Dominated This Blog Of Late, but I'm a little concerned about hitting one strident note over and over again. And while I'm not spent, I'm also not sure what else I can say about it; hell, Shepard Smith kinda sorta summed up the whole fucking thing in one sentence and an "oops," so I'm not sure what else I'm going to add at this moment. Maybe a later moment, when I'm not repeating myself--but I may be as tired of writing the same thing different ways as some of you may be reading it.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the material for a good post about Wookie-love or the bestest horror movies ever (tho' maybe I can assemble a few thoughts I had today about horror movies into some kind of post later in the week). There may be a little bit of burnout, honestly.

Which is ironic, because I actually got some quality writing in today. Not quantity, it was only about three pages of a thing I've rewritten a dozen times--but it felt like a sprocket was hitting the cutout strip in the right places to get the filmstrip going in a continuous line sans jitter, if you know what I mean. (If you don't, don't worry--it's just me.)

Anyway, there's a chance there may be a few days of music videos and photographs up here. I'll write something like that, and then there'll be a totally awesome streak of awesome headlines that will generate tons of blogfodder (that really ought to be one word, so I'm making it one word--try and stop me). But just in case, you were warned. Things are reasonably well (oh fuck--now I'll have jinxed that, too), there's just doesn't seem to be a lot of shiny stuff lying around my brain at the moment.

That was supposed to be a one-paragraph intro to a Patti Smith clip. If I were smart, I'd just post the above and set up the Patti Smith clip for later in the week, but screw it; I already cut'n'pasted the embed HTML from YouTube. "Dancing Barefoot," acoustic, pretty sweet stuff, hope you like it:


Jim Wright Monday, April 27, 2009 at 11:42:00 AM EDT  

Dancing Barefoot my favorite Patti Smith song. I love the intensity of this version, and I think it's a better arrangement then her studio version which puts the poetry reading at the end of the song, spoken as the final refrain. This is better. Plus I'm a sucker for acoustic guitar like this.

Thanks, Eric.

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