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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The lameass video for one of my all-time favorite Violent Femmes songs (second only, I think, to "Country Death Song")--"I Held Her In My Arms" from 1986's The Blind Leading The Naked.

This is actually the first time I've seen the video, and I have to assume most of the budget for it was spent on beer because I can't imagine how the video was pitched otherwise:

"Well, see, we'll have Gordon spinning around while he lip syncs."

"Just Gordon?"

"Well, Gordon and some random people."

"What about the rest of the band?"

"Well, you two can be in a shot or two, maybe...."


"Look, you have to understand: Gordon's so short, he makes Brian look like some kind of giant. Everybody who's seen a band photo thought Brian was, like, some kind of eight-foot-tall Lurch-guy or something until they saw you live and realized Brian was normal-sized and Gordon was... some kind of midget."


"Well, no--actually everyone who sees your photos assumes Gordon is Brian unless they happen to see a picture of Brian holding his bass. Brian looks more... you know... frankly, Brian looks more like a guy who'd write obsessively about masturbation and suicide than Gordon does. I think everybody kind of assumes Gordon's the drummer at first, which is why he'll be singing in this video. Anyway, we can hide his uncanny dwarfism if we just shoot him by himself."


"Yes, spinning. And we'll have some lights."

Anyway, what were we doing here again? Oh yes: Violent Femmes, "I Held Her In My Arms," a song that sums up much of my relationship history, such as it is. Enjoy!


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