Apologies to Robyn Hitchcock subsequently proved unnecessary

>> Monday, October 19, 2009

I started to try to come up with parody lyrics about the Heenes set to Robyn Hitchcock's "Balloon Man," but actually it proved more satisfying to just listen to the original song.

So, y'know, here's "Balloon Man" by Robyn Hitchcock:

ADDENDUM/POSTSCRIPT: At one point when digging up the above, I also did a search on YouTube to see if I could find David Rawlings doing his version of Hitchcock's "Balloon Man", something I saw him do when I saw Gillian Welch play live a couple of years ago and that he sometimes pulls out when he's feeling a little frisky. Alas, I failed to find it. But I did find something far more obvious and maybe apt. And after thinking about if for a little bit, what the hell....

This one's for you, Falcon:


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