NaNoWriMo word count for today

>> Monday, November 09, 2009

11,128 / 50,000

In my defense, I also did a reinstall of my operating system today while I was writing. I really had just about had it with the issues I had with Karmic Koala after upgrading from Jaunty--we're talking Linux here. And while the reinstall from CD went smooth as silk and seems to have taken care of the assorted issues I had with the video hardware being recognized, disk drives being correctly recognized, the touchpad being recognized, and the soundcard being used, there were still blocks of time where I was futzing with reinstalling fonts and things, and there's still stuff to be tweaked.

But there's the beauty of Linux, y'know? Or maybe you don't: my installation had two key directories, /usr and /home on separate partitions, so formatting and reinstalling the OS onto the root partition meant that nothing personally important was touched. When I rebooted, there was my desktop, almost just like it had been previously. And in terms of things like fonts and things, the issues I was having were with permissions, not presence (when I copied them back over from a portable drive, the OS labeled the fonts as administrator-only, as opposed to generally available to all users).

None of which is exactly related to writing progress, I grant you, and I remain some 3,875 words behind, or roughly 2.3 days if you're counting, which I am. And the usual stuff you're probably tired of hearing still applies. Today I had a lengthy bit where my protagonist goes and talks to a bartender, and it's sort of expository, I guess.

The utility of this exercise-wise is getting myself back into some habit or sense of writing dialogue. I'm not sure I could overstress how events of this year have thwarted me creatively, though I also fear I could be harping on them too much. I looked at my camera on the way out to the coffee shop today--I briefly considered making a day trip to the mountains, considering the weather was warm again today, and decided I wasn't as into the idea as I might have been yesterday--anyway, I looked at my camera and thought regretfully at how little I've done with it, too, these past few months. These are things that bug me, but I'm trying to get back to grips.

  • Smelly Cat again today, and listening to what they had on, which was good again. A different barista means a different selection of music, here (as opposed to going to a chain where it'll be the same stock music seven days a week). A lot of ambient/electronic type stuff; I only recognized the Sigur Rós, which was kind of sweet because that's the kind of thing I frequently try to play when writing anyway.


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