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>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Not sure quite what put me in the mood for Portishead last night, but it was just the right thing. You know, if I was making a spy movie, I'd totally want them to do the soundtrack.

I'm never sure how to pronounce their name, though--if I'm not mistaken, it's one of those old Anglo-Roman names that's not pronounced the way it's spelled. Or not obviously the way it's spelled--I mean, it's not like it's Welsh, a language I'm convinced was invented solely so an entire nation could cheat at Scrabble ("'Wylllyxllwiawyn'? Of course it's a word, it's the little bump at the end of your nose; now, with the triple letter square, that comes out to... lessee... carry the ten....")

Portishead is named after their hometown, which sounds like a tribute, except I believe I once heard an interview with them where they confessed they only picked it only because it was the most depressing word they could come up with.

Portishead, "Humming," from their eponymous second album:


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