My money is where?!

>> Sunday, April 04, 2010


Good day,

My Name is Mrs. Farida Waziri the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chairperson in Nigeria.

I understand you are expecting your delayed fund to be transferred to you, but some top government officials and bank partners will not tell you the truth about the whereabouts of your fund and all they are doing is to tell you to pay outrageous fees which you refused to come up with.

I have to let you know the truth because I know you have gone far in trying to get this fund and must have paid some amounts of money to the people you are not supposed to give out a dime to. I will be ready to help you get your fund if you abide to my instructions to enable me help in delivering your fund as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission principal officer. I strongly know that they will never tell you the truth because they are all thieving criminals.

I have decided with my veto power that you must receive one third of your principle fund which is US$5.5m (Five million five hundred united states dollars) to ascertain really whom I am.

You are advice to email me back via my private mailbox at
I expect your prompt response through my private.


Mrs Farida Waziri.

Dear Mrs. Waziri,

I feel like I hardly know you, and would probably be more comfortable responding through your private after the second date. Call me old-fashioned.

R. Eric VanNewkirk
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giant Midgets


Leanright,  Monday, April 5, 2010 at 1:09:00 PM EDT  

Great! Just peed my pants. Don't DO THAT on a Monday morning!

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