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>> Friday, April 30, 2010

Also, another important point: we need to be really careful who we let into rehab.

Ah, sweet serendipity! Lacking a blog entry for today, I headed over to YouTube to find a Kids In The Hall sketch to use as Friday Filler™, only to stumble across the clip linked to above from a recent Keith Olbermann episode and the beautifully cruel bit of quoted snark I just had to share.

Olbermann had Foley on because it seems people have noticed certain similarities between Glenn Beck's schtick and this classic from the last season of KITH (1994):

Obviously, the anticipation of Beck isn't so much due to the Kids' prognosticatory gifts as it's due to the fact that Beck is a throwback to legendary demagogues like Father Coughlin (the kind this sketch parodies) and relies on many of the same performance tics while spewing similarly incoherent paranoid fantasies.

Doesn't make the similarity any less funny, though.


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