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>> Monday, August 09, 2010

I would buy this on DVD. Yes I would. Also, go ahead and insert your own obligatory joke about how it would have to be better than the prequels.

A brilliant trailer for a hypothetical blaxploitation spinoff of Star Wars from BadAzz Mofo, Blackstar Warrior:

You can also see the brilliantly deadpan secret documentary on the making of this lost treasure here at Lando Is The Man or here at IO9.

I tend to think the pale blinding whiteness of the Star Wars movies has a lot more to do with George Lucas' quasi-autistic thoughtlessness when it comes to human beings, though the gods know Lucas hasn't helped that argument with racist caricatures appearing in various movies over the decades at least as far back as Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom and on through the notoriously suspect aliens in The Phantom Menace. Indeed, even in those cases I suspect that Lucas is kind of clueless about what he's done: I think his ideas about culture and ethnicity come entirely from old movies and the only culture he has any kind of grasp on at all is the California gearhead scene ca. the late mid '60s. (And how easy is it to imagine that Lucas was the guy who was off by himself under the hood of something, turning a wrench, as opposed to one of the guys cruising for girls or understanding any of the other social dynamics playing out away from the machines?)

But whatever. It's complicated. Or maybe I just love the Star Wars 'verse too much not to at least try to spin what's probably inexcusable.

(H/t to IO9!)


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