"Gimme Shelter"

>> Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I restarted the short story I've been working on again yesterday. The only, absolutely only, good thing right now is that every time I reboot it, I'm able to recycle bigger and bigger chunks from the previous versions.

This time, I decided the main character shouldn't be the good girl, the main character should be the bad guy. And I'm thinking maybe the good girl shouldn't be so good. A little ambivalent on that last point, since it seems a bit hackneyed and overused; on the other hand, it would solve some issues. I think. At least temporarily, until the next time.

Anyway, sorry for all the filler of late. Between troubles with my fiction and the lack of anything truly exciting to blog about, well....

Anyway, obviously there's stuff going on, of course--it's just that it's mostly the same old shit and I'm just so damn tired of it all. Better to post a music video--or at least, in today's post, a really awesome audio track with an acceptable still photo....

So here's The Stones at their acme with one of my favorites--possibly my favorite of theirs, actually. "Gimme Shelter," Ft. Worth, June 24th, 1972:


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