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>> Friday, October 29, 2010

Al Franken expands on President Obama's ditch metaphor for the economy to explain basic physics to a crowd of Minnesotans on October 23rd of this year:

What I'd add, of course, is that there are some people so upset about how long it's taking to get the car back on the road, they're talking about throwing whatever's in the glove box or under the seats at the people pushing to see if they can push any harder or faster. And I'm not saying the folks pushing couldn't be pushing harder, or that they might do better if they tried to use their intelligence to set up some kind of lever or pulley system to maneuver the car up the slope. But I'm pretty sure that throwing things at them and maybe knocking a few of them down or out isn't going to get the car moving any faster, why, it might even cause the car to start backsliding towards the two-thousand-foot cliff. And those alligators down there?

They look pretty hungry.

Just sayin'.

Something to think about on Tuesday, y'know?

(H/t Salon!)

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